You're Just A Line In A Song

Names Kirsten. I often go by KJ. Music, Film, Tegan and Sara. 22/Indy

Sometimes it feels
what I recovered you lost.
Sometimes it feels like
I’m all that they’ve got.
It’s so hard to know I’m not what they want.

—Tegan & Sara, Hero (via smilodonmeow)


Lady on red 

Always a nice surprise to see one of the pics I take show up on my feed. favorite Sara pic from the trip.


Tegan: I think it’s really interesting. I’m not a religious person, but I feel fascinated by religion. I mean, it has overwhelmed so many people, and created so much hate and love at the same time…and there’s so much, I mean I think- 
Sara: So has Marijuana.

(via seemssosillytomenow)

  • Sara: Tegan is turning into my father. You know how girls are supposed to turn into their mothers? Well, Tegan is turning into my dad. Like, she talks a lot about things that aren't funny and don't matter. Like, rambles on about stuff.
  • Tegan: Dad doesn't swear though. But I do. So, fuck you.